2020 iSING! Festival 

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2020 iSING! International Young Artists Festival



  • Individual coaching sessions in the standard Western vocal repertoire

  • Coaching in Chinese modern operatic repertoire with a focus on diction, singing and phrasing in Mandarin, and general introduction to the background and style of this emerging genre

  • Daily Mandarin classes

  • Individual dramatic coaching

  • Lectures covering a variety of topics such as standard Western-style repertoire; Chinese history and culture; lore, legends and epics that inspire dramatic stage works

  • Discussions on career building and development, performing arts market in greater China, audition techniques and industry expectations



The opportunity to hone their craft through performing is a priority for iSING!. Throughout the course of the program there will be a series of concerts with orchestra in several Chinese cities.




The program is seeking young professional and graduate level singers of all nationalities. Age requirements: men (36 years of age and younger by the program start date); women (33 years of age and younger by the program start date) 



Application Process

Applications are submitted through YAP Tracker, an online audition database.  Applicants may sign up for a free guest account by clicking the link located on the right side of the YAP Tracker registration page.

Question on YAP Tracker application process, please email help@yaptracker.com

Question on iSING! Festival and auditions, please email info@isingfestival.org



Upon review of completed applications, applicants will be notified of their status for live auditions.

At this point, all live auditions are postponed. 


Live Audition Repertoire

Candidates must prepare:

  • Three arias in contrasting language and style

  • Two art songs, one in your native language, one in a foreign language


Tuition and Fees


This full-scholarship program will cover the costs of tuition, room and board, facilities, materials, and excursion.  Participants are responsible for their international travel, visa fees and personal incidentals.


Financial aid for international travel is limited, but participants with financial strain can submit a letter outlining their situation to info@isingfestival.org for consideration.




Participants will live in shared apartments.  Each apartment is furnished with all the necessary amenities; each bedroom will have an en-suite full bathroom.  Per diem are provided, as well as shuttle bus service to and from the program facilities at the Suzhou Industrial Park, home of the Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre.


Suzhou is one of China’s most ancient cities.  Full of culture and charm, it has often been compared to "paradise on earth" by the literati and is renowned for its classic gardens, canals, silks, lakes, operas, legends and museums.