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 2022 iSING! Festival 

2022 iSING! International Young Artists Festival

Special Note For 2022


We are happy to announce plans for the 2021 iSING! International Young Artists Festival.  iSING! is continually adapting to all safety guidelines in order to continue our program in the safest and most productive manner.  


With this in mind, for iSING! Festival 2021, we are taking a hybrid approach. We will invite past iSING! Western singers, who are familiar with the country’s quarantine protocols, to participate in this year's Festival.  Chinese singers will audition locally beginning now through mid-August.




The opportunity to hone their craft through performing is a priority for iSING!. Throughout the course of the program, there will be a series of concerts in different Chinese cities. iSING! 2021 concerts will be held at the Grand Theatre of Suzhou Cultural and Art Center, the closing ceremony of the Art Festival and the closing ceremony of Jiangnan Cultural Tourism Festival "Flaming China: The Most Beautiful Jiangnan" concert, and the concert tour at the Shanghai Grand Theatre.


For 2021, following all safety guidelines, we will invite past iSING! Western singers, who are familiar with the country's quarantine protocols, to participate in this year's Festival. We will audition Chinese artists locally. 



Tuition and Fees


This full-scholarship program will cover the costs of tuition, room and board, international travel, and all fees, facilities, materials, and excursions.  Participants are responsible for their personal incidentals.



Housing for all participants will be also be included.


Suzhou is one of China’s most ancient cities.  Full of culture and charm, it has often been compared to "paradise on earth" by the literati and is renowned for its classic gardens, canals, silks, lakes, operas, legends and museums. 




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