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All applications are requested to submit through YAP TrackerApplicants may sign up for a free guest account by clicking the link located on the right side of the  YAP Tracker registration page.  


Click here to apply for:

iSING! 2020 Application

Applicants are required to upload documents through our YAP Tracker online application.


The documents are:


  • Two MP3 files of two arias contrasting arias in two different languages and style


  • Curriculum vitae/résumé


  • One-page statement to express your expectations as a participant in a training program and your personal goals for study and development in a country like China and in such a different culture from your own.


  • Headshot – the photo must be high resolution and no less than 1 MB in file size.



VERY IMPORTANT REMINDER:  The documents must be LABELED  with your name and item description. 

Not properly labeling your files could result in the misplacement of your materials and delay in processing your application.

At this point, all live auditions are postponed. 


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