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       Xiaoying Cheng, Set Designer


Renowned Set Designer Xiaoying Sheng is currently Artistic Advisor of Jiangsu Performing Arts Group. He has been working as a professional set designer for over 40 years, designing for more than 100 theatrical works. Recent highlights included operas VOYAGE TO THE EAST, AKIKO, Peking operas XIANG NONG, MOUNT PANLONG, SPIRITS OF JINGHAI, LOVE WITH GHOSTS, plays HE WHO GUARDED THE ISLAND, A 38-DAY HEATED DEBATED, THE TORN CITY, SUTRA IN JINLING, xi folk theaters DONG CUNRUI, DREAMS OF YIXING CLAY TEAPOT, XU XIAKE, yue folk theaters DING XIANG, SWALLOWS' LANE, yu folk theater THE SMALL TROLLEY, ou folk theaters LAN XIAOCAO, huangmei theater THE WOMAN UNDER DUXIU MOUNTAIN, puppet show THE MAGIC BOX, qin folk theaters CONFUCIUS-GAZING TOWER, NECKLACE, and many others. Sheng's designs has won him multiple awards at China Art Festival, China Theatre Festival, China Opera Festival, Peking Opera Festival, Shaoxing Opera Art Festival, Huangmei Theater Art Festival and Provincial Theater Festivals, amongst others.

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