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      Asian Performing Arts Council


Asian Performing Arts Council (APAC) was established in 1987 as a non-profit organization to foster cultural exchange between the United States and Asia, particularly China. Founded by Dr. Martha Liao, a former geneticist who was one of the earliest scientists to introduce recombinant DNA technology to China, APAC has organized countless gala concerts, recitals, community outreaches, exhibitions, TV and radio programs, and other events reaching numerous audiences in both the United States and China. Under Dr. Liao’s leadership as chairman since its founding 31 years ago, APAC has assisted over 100 Chinese performing artists from all disciplines – instrumentalists, composers, singers, dancers and traditional Chinese musicians – in their training and career development.

       New Era Group


Accompanying Suzhou's status as a throbbing hi-tech model city is its rising profile in arts and culture. As the major landmark of the city's development in this sector, the Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre houses a variety of impressive facilities:  the Grand Theater, Performance Hall, Cineplex, IMAX Theater, Ballet Theater, Art Museum, SIP Cultural Centre, Arts School, and Commercial Centre.  It is regarded as a highland of local culture as well as a platform for international cultural exchange.

      Suzhou Industrial Park Education Development & Investment CO.,LTD


Located in Suzhou, a city known as "the paradise on earth", Suzhou Industrial Park (hereinafter referred to as SIP) is a flagship cooperation project between the Chinese and Singaporean governments. With the past two decades of development, SIP today covers a total jurisdiction area of 278 square kilometers with the current population of 762,000. The SIP is one of China's fastest-growing development zones with the most international competitive edges. One of the 7 districts in Downtown Suzhou, the SIP is an economic hub, with Newsweek and The Wall Street Journal regarding it in the top 10 new hi-tech cities worldwide. With a promise to deliver world-class facilities and standards, Suzhou is home to 53 research and development institutes, attracting major investments both domestically and internationally.

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