iSING! 2020 Composition Competition Submission deadline: March 1, 2020



The iSING! International Young Artists Festival is a vocal festival with international repute which aims at training young singers from the West to sing in Chinese on both Chinese and Western operatic and concert stage. At iSING! we firmly believe in the power of the song, in connecting cultures and in renewing itself through fresh creations.


In 2020, iSING! announces its most ambitious project yet: “Echoes from the Ancients - iSING! Offering Tang Poems to the World.”


The iSING! Festival will be commissioning young composers from China and from abroad to set some poems to music to be sung in Chinese by young artists from all over the world. Tang dynasty (618 -907AD) was a time of peace and prosperity in China. Its poetry was the apogee of poems and songs of ancient China, unsurpassed for centuries since in its literary and artistic excellence. For our spiritual enrichment and cultural refinement, it is imperative that we pass on the legacy of reciting classical Tang poetry.  


This will be the first time in the world that a concert of original compositions set to classical Chinese poetry is commissioned and produced.


The iSING! 2020 Competition Committee invites composers to submit samples for qualification to receive commissions.


  1. Sponsor: iSING! International Young Artists Festival / Asian Performing  Arts Council USA

  2. Competition Advisory Committee will be formed and announced.

  3. Jury: Composers, experts and artists of international renown



  1. For the qualifying round, composers must submit one work for voice(s) and orchestra composed within the last five years. Alternatively, composers may submit one work for voice and any instrumental combination, as well as one orchestral piece written within the last five years.

  2. Composers from the age of 18 to 40 are eligible to enter the Competition.

  3. Composers of all nationalities are eligible to enter the Competition.

  4. There is no entry fee.

  5. Interested composers should submit:

    1. A legible full score in both PDF format and two bound hardcopies printed in B4 size, which must conform to standard engraving rules. The score must not contain the composer’s name or any marking unrelated to the music on the cover page or in any other part of the score. Non-compliance will result in disqualification. *please ship the score to the address in 3.8

    2. An MP3/MP4 of the submitted work or Youtube link if possible.

    3. A biography with current address, email address and phone number, in either Chinese or English.

    4. A brief and clear description of the composition not to exceed 200 Chinese words or 500 English words.

    5. A copy of passport or national ID that contains the applicant’s photo and date of birth.

*please ship the materials in 3.5.1 to the postal address in 3.8, and send the materials in 3.5.2-3.5.5 via email to The subject of the mail should be your full name.


6. Submission deadline is March 1, 2020 at 17:00 Beijing time.

7. Non-compliance with any of the above stipulation will disqualify the applicant. All materials will be archived by the

    sponsoring organization and will not be returned to the applicant.

8. For questions and queries, please contact:

    Fannings Harte

    Telephone: +86 186 6229 1374



    Address:     Suzhou Jinji Lake Concert Hall

                        1 Guan Feng Street, SIP
                        Suzhou, Jiangsu Province, China

                        Post Code: 215028

                        Attention: Katherine Chu



To ensure equality and fairness, all submissions will be designated with a number for identification. No composer’s name will be revealed or displayed at any point during the reviewing and adjudication process.


The Competition in 2020 will take place in two stages:

  1. March 3-4: Preliminary judges will review all applications and select twenty (20) composers to participate.

  2. March 5: The Jury will assign two Tang poems to the selected composers to set to music, with additional specifications on instrumentation and voice type if necessary.

  3. May 20: All compositions must be received by the iSING! office.

  4. May 23-24: The final judging will take place in Suzhou. The Jury will select ten (10) winners.

  5. May 25: The final results will be announced.


The world premiere tour of the commissioned works will take place in Jiangsu Province, China, on August 21, 2020 at the Suzhou Culture and Arts Centre, in Suzhou, and on August 23, 2020 at the Jiangsu Grand Theatre in Nanjing with full orchestra. The jury reserves the right not to perform the commission.



All winners shall receive $10,000 USD in award. There will be five (5) Honorable Mention awards of $2,000 each.                           

All prize monies are pre-tax.

6. Rights

  • The winners shall own the copyright of the winning compositions (hereinafter Composition)

  • The winners agree to concede to the Sponsor (iSING! International Young Artists Festival) the following rights:

    1. The Sponsor may record, photograph and videotape all performances of the Composition, all music and relevant materials for non-commercial purpose.

    2. The Sponsor retains the right to premier and give all future performances of the Composition at no additional compensation.

    3. The Sponsor retains the right to perform the winning composition in all countries and territories.

    4. In any future performance of the Composition by any other organizations in any other venues, the full score cover page and all printed materials will bear the following wording:

               “This work was the winning composition of the iSING! 2020 Composition Competition.”

  1. The decision of the Competition Jury will be final.

  2. The Competition Committee reserves the right to make necessary modifications of this Prospectus without prior notification to the applicants.

  3. The Competition Committee retains the sole and final interpretation of the provisions in this Prospectus.