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iSING! 2020 Composition Competition Finalists

Roydon Hoi Chak Tse (Canada)


Evan Mack (USA)


Conrad Asman (South Africa)


Daniel Reza Sabzghabaei (USA)


Stephanie Chou (USA)


Tomas Peire (Spain)


Nicholas Bentz (USA)


张姣 ZHANG Jiao (China)


苏潇 SU Xiao (China)


沈逸文 SHEN Yiwen (China)


叶镭烁 YE Leishuo (China)


张光一 ZHANG Guangyi (China)


 程慧慧 CHENG Huihui (China)


 魏聪 WEI Cong (China)


陈童言 CHEN Tongyan (China)


Fernando Buide del Real (Spain)


Alsu Nigmatullina (Russia)


 Joshua Fishbein (USA)


Jonathan Bell (France)


Cynthia Wong (USA)


Alberto Casadei (Italy)


张航睿 ZHANG Hangrui (China)


WU Chenghao  (Australia)

The highly exciting and inspiring round of preliminary screenings of 101 submissions from all corners of the world is now completed.


Twenty-three finalists representing nine countries have been selected to participate in the final stage of the Competition, for which the Jury will assign two Tang poems to each of the selected composers.


We are grateful to all of the talented young composers who entered the first and special edition of the iSING! Suzhou 2020 Composition Competition. We wish you much-continued joy and success in your creative path of composing and music-making. 


Congratulations to the finalists!

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