iSING! 2020 Composition Competition Results

The ten grand prize winning works for the first-ever iSING! Composition Competition, "Echoes from the Ancients - iSING! Offering Tang Poems to the World" are named after a week of deliberations by our distinguished panel of judges. We would like to thank the judges for their expertise and tireless dedication in adjudicating 46 well-crafted compositions by 23 finalists vying for the ten (10) $10,000 grand prizes:


Chair of the Jury:
XU Changjun, Chancellor of The Tianjin Juilliard School, President and Professor of Composition of the Tianjin Conservatory of Music


Judges (in alphabetical order):

Robert Blocker, Dean of the Yale School of Music
Katherine Chu, Collaborative Piano Faculty, The Tianjin Juilliard School
HAO Weiya, Professor and Chair of Composition, Beijing Central Conservatory of Music
Mauro Montalbetti, composer and Artistic Director of the Cantiere di Montepulciano Festival
Thomas Rösner, conductor and Music Director of the Beethoven Orchestra of Vienna
Hao Jiang Tian, iSING! Artistic Director and celebrated bass


Our hearty congratulations go to:

Drinking Song 凉州词  

Conrad Asman

South Africa


 Enlisting 从军行

Nicholas Bentz


Singing of Goose + Song of Snow 咏鹅+咏雪 

CHEN Tongyan 陈童言


Bamboo Shoots 竹枝词

Tomas Peire


Farewell on the Prairie 赋得古原草送別

SU Xiao  苏潇


Yellow Crane Tower 黄鹤楼

Roydon Hoi Chak Tse



Snow on the River 江雪

Cynthia Wong


Quiet Thoughts By Night 静夜思

Sam Wu 吴承昊


Docking by Bridge at Night 枫桥夜泊

YE Leishuo 叶镭烁


To the Assistant Magistrate Han Chuo 寄扬州韩绰判官

ZHANG Jiao 张姣



*Listed in alphabetical order by last name


Each winning composition was set to a poem from the Tang Dynasty (618-907AD) chosen by the iSING! Festival. The world premiere of the compositions will take place in a specially conceived concert featuring iSING! International Young Artists Festival artists, to be announced at a later date.

Congratulations also go to the six (6) compositions earning the Honorable Mention Award, each receiving $2,000:

Singing of Goose + Song of Snow 咏鹅+咏雪

Jonathan Bell



Looking for Hermit 寻南溪常山道人隐居

Nicholas Bentz


Sending Off Du Shaofu 送杜少府之任蜀州

Fernando Buide del Real



Up on the Crane Tower 登鹳雀楼

Evan Mack



News of Victory 闻官军收河南河北

Evan Mack



Farewell to Dong Da 别董大

WEI Cong 魏聪